Were-Rabbit Body

Making of the Body

Here's my lovely design for the body. Can you tell I've never taken a drawing class. It's on my To Do List!

Making of the Hunchback

So, I started off with a framed camping backpack. I picked up the cheapest one I could find. Having shoulder straps and a waist strap were very important requirements.

I cleared the backpack of everything but the basics and then attached a PVC pipe frame onto the back.

Next, I attached a few more PVC Pipes and some black irrigation tubing to form the Rabbit's hunchback.

I was very careful when I measured this piece since it will be the only part of the costume that will not be "squishable". It needed to fit sideways through a standard door.

Next, I covered my hunchback with foam. It seemed a bit assymetrical, so I added a bit more foam to one side.

The hole in the front center is where my rabbit head will be attached.

Next, I added fur, leaving space where the arms would soon be attached.


Making of the Skeletal System

The next step was to create a skeletal system. I ended up making a detacheable one out of more irrigation tubing. I made four hoops and connected them with strips of muslim. The strips are connected to my hunchback with velcro strips. To make the hoops more elliptical, I tied the sides together with nylon rope.

Next, I covered my skeletal system with bed foam.


I tacked on some fur, just to see what it would look like. It's definitely taking shape!


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